Rawandiz, Rawanduz   رواندز – رواندوز – راوندوز

The History of Rwandiz (in little bits) as told by some of my relatives:

This is not the history of Rwandiz the way it is written down in formal scripts but a story told in little bits by some of my relatives. My intention here is to write them down so that they are preserved and published. These memories span a period of time of more than three generations till1970. They indeed shed more light on specific events happened and could be related to what is officially known. History should not be only written from the reporting perspective but should include the experience people underwent. I will therefore include those personalities who reflect what Rwandiz experienced be it Assyrian dominance, Turkish invasion or Islamic grip. All the texts can be edited and expanded with your participation

Rwandiz has undergone a very bloody history because of its geographical position as a battlefield and as a town bordering three artificially set up countries annexing Kurdish territory

A Kurdish love song by the popular Kurdish singer Rasul Bezar Gardi chooses Xarand, the Rwandiz gorge and one oft he finest gorges in the world, as a place to end his life since his voice cannot reach his love:

ده چمه رواندوز – خوم هه لده دیرم

ده نگم نایگاتی – کاغز ده نیرم

I will go to Rwandiz

To throw myself down the gorge

If my voice does not reach her

I will send a letter



The correct name is Rwandiz and not Rawanduz. Probably it was pronounced Rawanduz by Kurds from other areas and Arabs changed its spelling and pronunciation accordingly. Rwandiz is as a compound of two words: Rewand and diz. Diz being the Kurdish word for castle and Rewand spelled as Orontes in ancient Greek sources, is an old Iranian word which means great. So Rewandiz is thus the castle of Rewands. Probably the Kurdish word Rawand referring to unsedentary Kurdish tribes is related.


Bremen - 5 February 2016