The Origin of the Kurdish دز  Thief سه رچاوه ی دز  -

Theft is part of human life and the English word thief, German Dieb, Dutch dief,  Norwegian tyv, Swedish tjuv, Polish złodziej on the one hand and Kurdish diz   دز , Persian dizd دزد    go back to Proto-Germanic theubaz i.e  to PIE *teup- which meant to crouch / huddle up / curl up. The sound similarity of these words which range from the initial /t/  to /d/ suggests they are cognates.

Whereas types of theft have varied dramatically in west European languages due to the development of urban life which resulted in an increase in the number of banks and a higher crime rate from burglary to shoplifting to bank robbery, Kurdish sticks to only diz   دز


Bremen, 1 July 2017