Kurdish barzبه رز  / blind بلند   baalaa بالا   high, tall, body height, build

ئه ی بالا به رزی چاو جوان - هاوار بۆ تۆ کوردستان

There seems to be two words in Kurdish to refer to height and length based on the Iranian roots br(z) and bl(d). This is obvious when taking into consideration the geographic nature of the Iranian homeland in general. Bala barz بالا به رز of tall build is a symbol of beauty. The Kurdish barz / berz can also mean rise, get up as in (barza dasht به رزه ده شت) get up and go outside. Barz / berz به رز  often refers to hills and mountains which is cognate with German Berg mountain. However, barz can also refer to people´s build when used with baalaa  بالا as in بالا به رز baalaa barz or کورته بالا kurta baalaa of short build.

Bilind بلند  has additionally acquired some figurative meaning and in some Kurdish dialects as in the dialect of Rawanduz bilind / birind برند replaces barz به رز . Avestan bar-z enlargen, high, loud, Old Persian barshn, Middle Persian bshn, bwlnd, buland, Parthian bwrz bwrznd, New West Iranian b-l- hight NP buland, bal.


Bremen, 16 January 2017