The Etymology of the Kurdish (Mirishk / Merishk مریشک ) Hen

The Kurdish word (mirishk / mireshk / merishk مریشک  ) for hen is a very old Iranian word which goes back to Avestan mərəγō compare Pahlavi murw/v, muruv Pazand Mrū , other forms are amrōš / amros which simply mean bird. Mru , mros mrosh transform easily into mirishk with the addition of final k to comply with the Kurdish sound system.

Apart from mirishk modern Kurdish does not use this word as the modern Persian does in morgh    مرغ bird but preserves it in Simirgh  سیمرغ a mythical, noble and benovolent vulture from sen-muruw which referred to the bird Saēna meaning raptor a falcon or eagle type bird (see Wikipedia - Simurgh):

For a Kurdish children´s song see:


3 January 2016