The Spiral Staircase

That day I was supposed to have my meal at home but on my way home I stopped at a restaurant.  The food at what looked like a Greek or an Oriental restaurant was cheap. I had a lot of change in my bag to pay for my food but when the bill came I could only find a fifty euro note. The waiter or maybe he was the owner gave me back the change in coins of different sizes and values. So that meant a lot of counting and a lot of coins again.

I got on the next tram and the few meters left I walked till I got home. But where was my bag? As misfortune would have it all my cards which were around twenty (credit card, identity card…) were in the bag in addition to my banknotes, coins and a few books. I immediately thought of the tram as the most probable place. How could I find it? The best way I thought would be to go the lost property office and hoped that some honest finder might have left it there.

The next day in the evening I decided to take a taxi as the office kept open long hours and the next taxi stop was not too far away. So I walked. The way led me to a building or what looked like a parking lot with something like a spiral staircase going deep. I went downstairs. The exit was a door leading to yet another car park. Unfortunately, there was no taxi there and I had to go back up the spiral staircase.

The moment I went in a young lady who was probably with her boyfriend greeted, calling my name but looked very curiously in my face as if she had now discovered something unknown to the world. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me or I looked different to her because of the stress which must have been visible. But when the mirror reflected my face I was shocked and worried to lose face. But how could she recognize me when I looked so different? Well, I am not a realist  because reality kills dreams.


Bremen, 23 August 2017