Why to her?
A few of my favourite paintings which I somehow acquired were hanging on the wall in one row under the staircase on the ground floor. I was upstairs when I saw my wife downstairs go wild. I must say my wife is a very quiet person and has never lost her nerves in the way I saw her now. I don’t even remember the reason that drove her mad like that but I think it had to do with me.

I saw her how she took the first painting off the wall and hit the second with it. I hurried downstairs to stop her but she was quicker. By the moment I was downstairs she managed to destroy them all. I know that my first wife did things like that before because she once told me that if I infuriated her she would target my Achilles heel. But how could this peace-loving angel do anything like that is beyond everybody’s imagination. Nobody would ever believe me.

Anyway we were best of friends again and were together on a Ferris wheel. I don’t know why Ferris wheel and why there were no seats for we found ourselves hanging like bats with our hands on a bar when we suddenly were catapulted high. To my horror the grip of one of my wife’s hands suddenly loosened. Holding the bar tight at dizzy heights was worse than a nightmare. I don’t know how but I was able to hold her.

Somehow we managed to feel the ground under our feet again and were walking on a cement road. As if that was not enough a tall boy went past us running hitting my wife with his elbow. She fell hard with her face on the hard cement road. I left the boy run away to tend to my wife. Her face was badly bruised with blood running down her body. She was unconscious. I held her tightly in my arms crying: I have nobody else except her. Why to her?

Jamshid Ibrahim
Bremen, 5 December 2012