A Wife with the Right of Return

Buyer: Yes, Madam I want a wife

Seller: We have wives of all sorts. What is your choice?

Buyer: Well, this is the problem. I cannot make my choice before trying her? Besides, I live far away. Can you send her with express delivery?

Seller: Yes, we can but that depends on your buying power. A wife with the right of return is more expensive and you have to pay the cost of sending her back.

Buyer: How long is the trial period?

Seller: One month. You have also the option of exchange within the first five years if you take out an extra insurance.

Buyer: Oh I see.  Yes, I will.

Seller: Would you like to pay with your credit card or you prefer to remit the amount in advance?

Buyer: I prefer direct debit

Seller: Thank you Sir. We will contact you as soon as the amount is in our account.

Buyer: Thanks Madam



Bremen, 05 August 2017