Room 27
Let me tell you it was not a dream at all. It was real. I knew this room. I had spent a few nights there before. So, when I got a kind invitation to do a one-day course in that area I immediately consented but added: I would love to attend if you did not put me up in that room again.

I was promised a different room in that house but when I arrived the lady in charge led me to the same room again. I said: look I was assigned a different room so why do you want to put me up here again? She said: I am sorry, but this is the only room free.

Room 27 was a separate room alone in the back yard built on the top of what looked like a garage. In a way it was ideal and quiet. When we got upstairs the lady turned to me and said: the landlord's son and his girl-friend live in this room now so I have to tell them to stay somewhere else for the night.

The room had a big window looking on the backyard. There was a large bed in the middle with a blue sheet over its mattress left as if the couple had just got up. Next to it there was now a huge flat TV screen. The new yellow paint on the walls made it cozier and more inviting. It was a very cold day in winter, the nights were endlessly long and the days very short but I soon began to rationalize: this is only one night and I will find a way to make myself comfortable. So I went to bed hoping to get a good sleep.

A few hours later and like somebody who had scabies my whole body began itching again and I kept scratching my athlete’s foot just like the nights I experienced before. I had the feeling that thousands of little insects were busy putting up their nests between my toes.

I woke up and looked everywhere but could not spot anything. My eyes were now wide open but blurred. When they cleared I saw hundreds of moths and mite and other types of insects, which I couldn’t identify, flying over my head.

I immediately got up, grabbed my clothes and went out into the dark cold night. It must have been around one or two O’clock in the morning and as I didn’t know the way to the city any more and knew nowhere else to stay I started crying as loud as I could for help. Nobody heard me. Then my voice turned to a hoarse bitter crying which shocked me because I had never heard my voice like that before until I fell to the ground and my body began to fall apart.

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim
Bremen – Germany
 21.December 2010