The Pits
There is something here which still persists in my memory but the problem is I don’t know whether it was a dream, real or something of elusive meaning. My memory is not elusive for I still see it clearly as if it was yesterday. The details I remember say it was real but I can only remember living in it for a moment. It was a run-down house or maybe it was not a house at all. It was rather the pits or holes in the ground. It had a lot of what looked like rooms which provided much more space than needed. So it was much larger than the house we had before. Besides, the rent was very low.

Everything was made of mud. It was an old neglected house built on dirt floor which made it an ideal playground for rats and mice. I saw them jumping in and out of the dirt floor. I think there were no windows but it was not completely dark. I remember some square holes dug in middle of the walls which served as shelves. Wherever I went I saw corridors leading to even more rooms like a bottomless pit. In the backyard there was a water hole which was said to be bottomless too.

I had all sort of ideas what to do with all the rooms which could have been my own. We were supposed to stay because we were happy with the size of the house but the rats and lack of electricity and water must have made it impossible. Within my memory I don’t know where we lived before and after as if there is a gap in it. Still it persists as if it was yesterday.

Bremen, 3 August 2007