The List
I would say I belong to those people who easily feel guilty when they do something wrong or see something done wrong. Some people say those who are born Libra are fanatic about fairness and justice. I am fanatic. I also feel the need to defend the weak or anybody who is treated unfairly even those I don’t know and make the wrong-doers taste the worst. But I have come to believe you can’t reach total justice in a world dominated by a vile creature, a dwarf called “human”.

The word “human” doesn’t mean anything to me save wiles and woe. I think renaming it Inhuman or Wicked is more appropriate. For it is simply difficult to envisage a person who has the vilest traits innate can be the very person who fights for the rights of his fellow Inhumans or the protection of the wild life and environment. But I am convinced mean qualities dominate to a large extent because the Inhuman first violates them or damages the very habitat he needs for survival. The innumerable words present in his many languages like kill, rape, torture, deceit, lie ……are the best proof personally presented for his malicious nature. Scientists say it is the survival instinct; the survival of the strong ingrained in his genes which make him think of bottom lines only. However, although he is well aware his life is limited to a relatively short span not really worth mentioning he does as if he lives for ever and owns the universe. He seems never to learn, completely hopeless. Even if you remind him non-stop he will soon revert to his old money-grubbing habits. His memory is usually short-term as far as his interests are not affected.

Now unfortunately wherever I go, whatever I do I see myself surrounded by this monster I have always dreamt to perish. I tried to make myself invisible and use the power to wreak havoc; I tried cybernetics and telekinesis, all in vain. I was about to give up when suddenly by a miracle I was given unique powers not possessed by an Inhuman so far. I must say I was first a bit confused as to how and where to begin. So I decided to follow a carefully drawn plan and concentrate first on some select. My imagination went wild when sweet revenge loomed on the horizon. I made a very big systematic List. Some people’s names I couldn’t remember so I replaced those with a sign or a code.

I thought it was best to proceed chronologically but I didn’t really know how to do the deed. I knew I wouldn’t rest and feel free unless some sort of wailing was involved before death. But again this would make me feel guilty and their ghosts would haunt me lifelong. So I was back again in the same dilemma I have been experiencing all my life. For the first time I had the power to do as I wanted, yet powerless. I mean I can’t understand in a world where Inhuman population doubles now and then I would do the plant and the animal world a good turn if I sent some to hell. Now I am still sitting within my own four walls with the List on a wall hanging in wait. Every day I say: I will do it tomorrow and my List is becoming longer and longer.

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim; Bremen - Germany 23-Dec-2006