Face-to- Face
“It is time you gave up” he thought because it was over now. Anyway there was no point in increasing his inner turmoil. But he never gave up. Then the shades of a female pale face interrupted. She turned to him with her sad eyes smiling at him without averting her gaze. He only saw a face which he would recognize but if you asked him: Describe it to me” he wouldn’t be able to do so. He wondered what on earth made a face appear to him that way and what it meant.

He then turned angry and started cursing in a voice everybody could hear” You good-for-nothing bastard, stop dreaming. See how everything slips past. Open your eyes and stretch your hands. This time he was not at home but walking in a shopping arcade in the city when a pale face of a woman turned to him smiling. She kept her gaze till she was out of sight. He froze all over because he couldn’t imagine the face could now be flesh and blood real. He was lost in thought till she disappeared.

He got into a panic, pushed his way through the crowd and ran the direction she went but she was long gone. He was now cursing again. He could only hope when he went to bed she would reappear this time somewhere else, not in an arcade. The face still made itself felt. But he thought: “It was now time he gave up”.

Bremen, 2 October 2008

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim; 02-Oct-2008 at 23:42.