The Last Wish
They asked him as usual:Would you like to make your last wish? He didn't answer till the question was repeated and the third bottle was opened. Then he said: If my wish is your command I have one wish:Please, hang me with a coloured rope.He didn't know why he said that and wondered: What a stupid question it was. Why did he ask about my wish?. He even wanted to say: Idiot you know my time has come and beggars can't ride. Still he tried hard to find something worth mentioning but apart from a coloured rope nothing else occurred to him. Everything else lost meaning.He was born flesh coloured which turned to amber when he was a teenager. But now he feels he is peach. He put his hands in his pocket and took out the last letter, he got from her before she died, closing with best wishes.

He then remembered all his other wishes for birthday and New Year. She didn't know what to buy for him, so she showed him how to write a list of his wishes on a piece of paper weeks before the great event. His wishes were numerous and he always made a big list.They say the wish is the father to thought and he thought how everything evaporated within a second when the second bottle was opened. He wished to be with her and tell her about all his wishes. He was waiting impatiently for her to come back like a child waiting for Christmas presents. But this time when she came back she refused to speak with him. He was furious and wanted to know why. He almost went mad when she kept quiet. He grabbed the first bottle and opened it. A letter fell on the floor. He picked it up, read it and put it in his pocket..

Bremen, 24 February 2008

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim; 25-Feb-2008 at 08:17.