Let Loose
After saying “damned bastard”, I went to the edge to jump down. I knew there were stages of falling before crashing on the ground. I was always scared of falling from heights but I thought I could only overcome this weakness by doing it. There were three of them who chased me up to the top. I mean I had never got to the top if I wouldn’t have been dogged there. True I was endowed with the necessary talents to have climbed the top on my own.

“Let go, let loose, the knot has been too tight after all, abandon now” I said, closed my eyes and jumped into the unknown. As I went down I was much lighter. My muscles relaxed and my fear went. However, I landed on what looked like a train but the doors now shut in her face. She had left her luggage and was trying to catch up on her bike.

When we got off we were herded to clean a house from inside. A man let us in and said: let me see whether you can do the job properly. He gave us a mop and watched us carefully while we started cleaning. The floor was full of cockroaches moving around but some were dead or half dead. I didn’t give up as some did but immediately got up and said: Sir, the job would be done more easily if we had a Hoover. He gave me one and the floor was polished.
Bremen, 8 May 2010