The Last Shirt has no Pockets
Right from the beginning I knew there is something fascinating about shirts. I remember my mother turning to me accusingly saying: women are not shirts you can change the way you want. I don’t know why she said that to me alone. Yes, I still stick to my jersey grey shirt although it has become old, worn and torn. I simply feel most comfortable in my old clothes. I know I have some new clothes stowed away somewhere in the big wardrobe but I never wear them.

I was a stranger in centre of the little city walking in the hope of finding a quiet place and a nice cup of coffee. Instead I came across a shop which was displaying different clothing articles. I saw a grey jersey shirt hung high on a post. I pointed to the shirt and asked: could I try it on? The owner asked: what size do you take? I said: 41-42. He immediately got a stick and brought it down for me.

I put it on and it fitted perfectly but to my surprise I found it had no pockets. The owner examined me with his professional eyes and said: I believe it fits better than tailor-made. A lot of people have tried it on but it only fits you like your second skin. It goes with your pale face as well. I said: yes you are right but I wonder why it is without pockets. The shop owner looked at me questioningly and said ironically: As I see it is supposed to be your last shirt and as you know last shirts have no pockets.

Bremen, 6 April 2010