Verbal Subjects
She came to me for lessons. But just before she came I dreamt that only some few pure nouns existed. The rest were verbal nouns or adjectives which were descriptive. This is what I wanted to tell her. Anyway I started with our session in the living room but after a while I left her and went to a digital radio which was on a table. I found myself turning the digital knobs in all directions trying to find the right wavelength.

I went back to her after a while and apologized for leaving. She said she didn’t mind. So I went on with the lessons but soon I fell asleep. When I got up I was shocked and apologized again but she didn’t mind. So I went on with our lesson till she asked for a break.

A group of men who obviously had been drinking and smoking came in. They were supposed to leave but instead lay on the sofas to sleep. I wanted them to go and I woke up one of them but it didn’t help much because the others seemed to have no intention to leave. They were already asleep.

I left them and looked for the girl to resume our lesson but she was sleeping in my bedroom. I couldn’t wake her up because I thought she didn’t wake me up either. I decided to let her sleep until she got up on her own. I could then bring our session to an end I hoped.

Bremen, 23 May 2009