From the Overflow

After some time with his new partner, a beautiful, young blonde lady with shoulder-length hair, a couple he had met before through his ex wife phoned. We would like to invite you to a party but would like first to know whether you have any objections if we invited your ex wife as well. He said: no, of course not, why should I?

That evening a number of couples he had met before were also present. Everybody was busy drinking, eating and chatting. He left his wife for a moment to see around when he spotted his ex wife sitting alone quietly with her head looking down. When he met her sad distanced eyes he couldn´t control his emotions as he used to. Without any hesitation, embarrassment or fear others might hear him he opened his mouth with deep distress: just one little word from you will suffice to leave everything behind and immediately come back to you!


7 March 2018