No Relief

Imagine you are on a double-decker, not in London, but somewhere in the Middle East and you are on the top floor going to the railway station to get the next train home. Now half way two women with a little girl, maybe five or six years old wearing an orange-reddish flowery dress, wave when they see you at the next stop. You recognize them as your relatives and wave back, go down to welcome them. But just before you get there the two women let the little girl get on the bus, the bus door closes and you are left with the little girl alone.

As you can imagine I was at a loss and did not know what to do now. Then I thought maybe the ladies wanted to get on but the bus door closed quickly. Although I was somehow in a hurry not to miss my train, I decided to get off at the next stop with the little girl and wait for the two women to catch up. Now suddenly I had to satisfy an urgent human need and I do not remember whether I waited or not or what happened to the little girl. I was almost in the city centre now. It was crammed with people and I found myself under great pressure to get somewhere for a pee.

I asked people for the next toilets. Somebody showed me what looked like a big shopping centre with a coffee shop inside. When I rushed inside I asked a young man for the gents and he pointed to a floor upstairs. The stairs were very wide but the way which led to the gents was rather narrow. To my surprise the narrow way opened to a spacious area which looked more like a hall than the toilets. There was something like a loo in the middle. I felt embarrassed but the pressure forced me to unzip my trousers.

At that moment somebody came inside and as always I could not pass water no matter how hard I tried. Then I spotted a mirror with a washing stand and a curtain wall for some privacy. I did not really care to go there for a relief. The only problem: there was a man cleaning that area nonstop and there was no hope of being alone. So I decided to leave and find another place. On my way out I met the same person in the narrow corridor but he was not clear in what he said as if there was no second one.


Bremen, 23 August 2017