Love on Christmas EVE
I don’t know whether you feel like me. Christmas has become a good time for sellers to make money and for buyers to eat and eat, to drink and drink. Some even need some digestives so that they don’t explode from overeating although there are people in the world who suffer from lack of food or malnutrition. I mean Jesus would have been overjoyed to see what people are doing at Christmas here. Christmas starts three months before Christmas which makes it the longest festival in the world.

For me, well, I mean, although I didn’t believe in love I had a strong longing for falling in love again. It was high time now I thought. I must not bar my way to love any more. Well, I was sitting, watching quietly and trying to find a face, a face I could fall in love with. No, I couldn’t find one. It was too late for falling in love. So, I decided to wait a bit. I thought Christmas EVE meant the city was full of gentle faces with gentle eyes, gentle necks and gentle short hair.

Now I got up because I didn’t have any more sitzfleisch. My bag was heavy and I was carrying a plastic bag on top full of food, drinks and presents for me alone. I left the bag on the floor and looked out of the window for some time. The window showed me alone lying on the floor crying. My eyes were wet now and I lowered my head for a while. Then somebody tapped on my shoulder. I raised my head slowly and turned. A gentle face was facing me smiling and saying: Say you don’t remember me. I couldn’t open my mouth for a moment but then said: No I don’t, help me. She said no you don’t know me anymore. It was a long time ago. I was speechless again. Now another younger gentler lady joined us.

The two women surrounded me, smiling and watching me with all their eyes. I felt I couldn’t breathe. I pushed my way right through them and got off. I don’t know why I left so quickly. But after some steps I decided to go back. But the two women disappeared for ever, I mean forever unless I met one of them the next Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was approaching again now and I had made a list of special food and drinks I needed to buy and hoped to meet the two women again. This time I met a gentle but poor honest face who felt deep love inside her like me. I gave her all my presents and threw the food to the dogs.

Bremen 13 December 2009