Germans are famous for going to extremes. They are either said to be as peaceful as a lamb or as ferocious as a wolf. No wonder so many Wolfgangs are found in Germany but this epitaph ceased to be applicable long ago. Nowadays, there are more Freidhelms born with a traffic jam in their freedom of thinking. The legendary German Autobahn Stau “motorway traffic jam” best describes the German constraints on “Meinungsfreiheit “ the freedom of thinking”. I mean, I don’t really sympathize with the SPD Spießer Sarrazin at all but his quietly farting is not worth all this fussing and is nothing in comparison with the discriminatory practices elsewhere in Europe or in other parts of the world.

Psychologists say there is more danger in not being able to express what you think. The German history has indeed serious implication on the German psyche. The more you suppress your inner political views the more you dam up hostile feelings. After all it is better to speak your mind than to be one of the scaring “die schweigende Mehrheit“ silent majority. Some people go as far as saying: insult me but do not keep quiet because insulting reflects weakness and mental injuries and opens a door for discussion.

Germans like other nations are not angels although there might be more angels and peace doves in Germany than say in Britian or Israel. But peace doves can quickly transform to predators if there is no air to breathe. Please do not let the number of Wolfdgangs outdo the Freidhelms again with all this useless fussing.

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim
Bremen – Germany