The Green Party is not only known for its environmentally friendly policy, as an advocate for women’s issues but also for its foreigner friendly practices. No wonder in addition to battalions of women some foreigners have made it to leading positions. Take for example the Turk Cem Özdemir. You might think a Turk who joins the Green Party would automatically condemn the Turkish Government’s racist practices against its minorities foremost among them the Kurds. I mean the word minority itself is discriminatory because it makes the fate of more than 15 million Kurds marginal. In addition the name Turkey makes the existence of a big population simply invisible.

When once asked about the Turkish racist policy towards the Kurds this Green politician simply answered by saying that PKK (a Kurdish party trying to fight desperately for the rights of the Kurds militarily for the Turks do not understand negotiations with people who they ignore to exist) is equally violent. Now unfortunately this so called Green Party member puts PKK on an equal footing with a powerful heavily armored military government. He even ignores that the very existence of PKK is the result of his country’s discriminating policy.

I wonder where the Green Party’s values and ethics are. How can a Turk who cannot distance himself from a racist government’s policy be one of its leaders? Sarrazin’s discriminatory remarks sound harmless when compared with the way the Turks behave towards non Turks in Turkey of course apart from some European tourists with blond hair and blue eyes.

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim
Bremen – Germany