The German Party Conundrum
Of course I mean German political parties although other types of German parties might have been equally interesting. Here, I only mean the two big political parties CDU and SPD for the bigmouth FDP is not even worth mentioning taking into consideration their nail-biting and heart attack for the obligatory 5% at the elections. But of course the way FDP talks makes you think they come first in popularity and have always scored more than 99% . True, the Green party, with its most beautiful women, of course excluding Kunast, has changed the landscape a bit.

But let me go back to the big parties. First I need to set some wrong ideas right. As you know CDU with its housewifely matrons is popular for being conservative and employer-friendly but not that friendly to foreigners as Helmut Kohl repeatedly emphasized, of course only to tease Heiner Geißler, that Germany is not an immigration country “wir sind kein Einwanderungsland”. On the other hand, the SPD is popular for being friendly to the trade unions and foreigners and more open to the former communist countries.

However, If you take a closer look you will find that SPD is much more hostile to foreigners than the mild Christian CDU. In fact SPD is a party of “klein Bürger” and “Spießer” i.e. low-brow, pedantic, conventional people, not very educated and addicted to eating tons of Wurst (sausage) and drinking gallons of beer. Ms Margot Käßmann’s likeable inclination to drinking wine makes her an angel when compared with the heavy big boss Angel Gabriel (Siegmar). You just need to have a look at one of their other fat leaders like Kurt Beck to see how much beer and Wurst is consumed on a daily basis by the big shots of this Spießer party. By the way the word “Spießer” is a short form and an adjective which refers to a spit or better a spear, has nothing to do with legendary German goulash. It was first used by the noble class to refer to those poor people who didn’t have the right weapons to fight apart from primitive spears.

Of course, SPD had some decent personalities foremost among them was the legendary Willi Brandt with his nice cognac voice, smart suits and weakness for young beauties. But as Bernard Shaw put it politics is paradise for the most eloquent windbags. Helmut Schmidt with his nice hairdo and Frau Loki at his side sniffing and smoking menthol and eucalyptus tobacco, as most CDU members repeatedly said was more a CDU type than an SPD. I mean I am not at all for Angie as a chancellor and as Economist put it she is more suited to Kinder, Küche and Kirche (children, kitchen and church to match the three big German K’s) than to CDU. You can only find out about this woman in what she is not. I would have given my eye teeth to the most likeable Antje Radtke from the Green Party as the first Power-Frauen chancellor of Germany.

Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim
Bremen – Germany