The Buildings here are Mean... (Die Gebäude hier sind geizig. Sie spenden keine Schatten)

I mean if you lived in a place where I live you wouldn´t miss a single sunny moment. I was walking the other day trying to catch one of those rare sunny spells when a women pushing her bike behind me caught up with me, turned to me and started talking using her hands to explain what she meant but continued walking: The buildings here are mean they don´t provide shade. I reacted spontaneously and said: you are right..

She was middle-aged, unkempt or looked as if she suffered from a mental disorder. I began to brood for what she said mirrored philosophy. The buildings were not that tall to block the sun so how can they be mean? (German: Die Gebäude hier sind geitzig. Sie spenden keine Schatten). Maybe she was one of those people who were allergic to sun rays but I had the impression there was more in what she said. She probably meant they don´t provide shelter for those on the sidelines as there was some protest and disappointment in her voice.


Bremen, 22 May 2016