Speaking with the Dead

Typical German Officialdom, Thoroughness or Conscientiousness

Germans are famous for their thoroughness and  love of detail which inevitably leads to more  redtape  and officialdom. Neverthelss, I believe the following  letter shows  that  justice is still an issue in Germany. You don´t lose your right / your money even if you live on benefits  in a dishonest  world deep in corruption  till your death is certified officially.


Dear Mr Dead

Your social security benefits granted in accordance with article 40 paragrah 2 of the code of social law have been now temporarily stopped. This applies to unemployment benefits II as of  September 2015.

According  to the notification at hand, you have died. The benefits temporarily stopped will be paid without  delay as soon as this notification is reversed. The results of this matter will be  sent to you seperately

Yours sincerely


Bremen, 14 September 2016