In the Know
In the King James Authorized Version of the Bible, "Adam knew Eve" the English verb “know” meant having sexual intercourse. This is a direct translation from Hebrew. In the original Hebrew texts, the idea was that "knowing" somebody sexually came from "knowing" the difference between male and female, and that knowledge came about because Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. There's only one trace of this Biblical expression in modern English. It's the expression "carnal knowledge", which means "sexual intercourse. This Biblical meaning can sometimes be used as the double entendre particularly if your name is Adam or Adams. After all depending upon the emphasis "know" can imply more than just we've met face to face and interacted.

In modern English the verb “know” can still express experience or familiarity with someone or something. Usually it can be used as a verb but the noun “know” is sometimes used. Know is used in a variety of expressions as: know where the shoe pinches.