Linguistic Agonies
"Native Speaker" Syndrome and the Loss of Linguistic Identity

Global English (GE) makes English a world property. We have a linguistic development unprecedented in human history. It is no more the property of the English, Americans, Canadians or Australians:

1. Neutrality: Like the ascension of a dialect to the throne of a standard language a Global English must acquire neutrality to be accepted by everybody. It becomes everybody's property. You can teach English even if you are from Waizoona provided that you have acquired the necessary qualifications.

2. Equality: GE frees us from the Native Speaker" Syndrome.

3. Varieties: no more BE or AmE and no more of the pedantic insistence not to mix the two. Take any one of the many Englishes, mix them the way you like if they don't guarantee successful communication. Remember you don't only do business with the Americans or the British, do you? The majority of your customers might come from elsewhere.

4. Patriotism: Kill the linguistic patriotism and nationalism prevalent in some parts of the world. Rob them of their pride and prejudice. Show them people are not better by the virtue of their birth.

Global English make the world a more peaceful place; restore humanity and justice to the human beings and say goodbye to (Linguistic) Borders and Arrogance.