Threesome system (Three-D System, Three –dimension system, The Three-cornered system)

Phenomena are best when they come in threes. This seems to b a dominant feature of Arabic:


-      There are mostly three consonants which carry the core meaning: KTB has the core meaning ton write

-      There are three long and short vowels of only three basic vowels which are a-i-u. The other vowels namely e-o don’t exist mybe because they are shades of the three basic vowels just in the same way the basic colors are RGB red-green-blue

-      Only three syllables CV, CV:, CVC. This a very important issue and you will understand why sometimes words are shortened or there are additions as with Hamza at the beginning of a syllable.

-      Number is three i.e. the plural starts from three because there is singular, dual and plural. This means you don’t need the numbers one and two but one is implied in the singular and two is implied in the plural.

-      Historical periods are three: Classic Arabic and Quran-MSA-Dialects

-      Affixes are three: Prefix-infix-suffix

Affixation and word Formation

The fact that there are three types of affixes in Arabic make word formation most flexible. Syllables mostly vowels can be inserted even between the letters which belong to the root: